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Bleggio Explorer bike tour  [Nr. 946]

Trails and gravel road between old rural villages

Medium-grade tour regarding technique and fitness which takes you to the Bleggio villages mostly on farm tracks with light traffic.

Mountain Bike tour


LENGHT 19,40 km / 11,86 mi FITNESS level level level level  
ALTITUDE 440 m  / 1.569 ft TECHNIQUE level level level level  
RIDING TIME 2h 00 min PANORAMA level level level level  
MAX ALTITUDE 803 m s.l.m. / 2.641 ft GPS TRACK
UPHILL level level level level   DOWNHILL level level level level  

Bike Tour Garda Dolomiti B409


Comano Terme / Terme di Comano – the car park opposite the bar Al Pont


 Comano Terme / Terme di Comano – Carabinieri – footbridge – Bono – Gallio – Santa Croce – Duvredo – Bivedo – Larido – Marazzone – Cavaione – Rango – Balbido – Santa Giustina – strade consorziali sotto Cavrasto – Madice – Casa Madonna della Neve (Gallio) – Bono – San Felice – Sesto – San Nicolo – downhill to the main road – Restaurant Bel Sit – Comano Terme / Terme di Comano


The tour starts at the car park (opposite the bar Al Pont, main road, bridge) where you go south towards the spring. At the main road [1] you turn to the left and to the right at the Carabinieri station. Leaving the building on the left you follow the road which will become a cycling path soon. After approx. 1 km you pass by a new pedestrian bridge which crosses the Duina torrent. You climb the steep forest road. After 500 m the recently built track becomes less steep and you reach Bono [2]. At the crossing (2.7 km, 523 m) you turn left, you cross the village and you climb the minor tarmaced road to Gallio [3 – 3.8 km, 600 m]. You turn right dir. S. Croce [4]. When you arrive at the main road (4.3 km), you turn left and after 100 m you take the first possible turn to the right dir Duvredo and Castel Restor. In Duvredo, you take the first possible turn [5] left uphill, after 100 m left again at the T-shaped crossing. This time the agricultural road becomes steeper. You keep cycling straight on to Bivedo [6]. You pass by the church and you follow the hairpin bend to Larido [7]. Still on the main road you leave the village behind and you cycle to Marazzone. You cross again the road [8] leading to the Duron Pass and you go on in the direction of Cavaione [9] and Rango [10] which you pass. In an easy descent you will get to Balbido. At the first slight bend to the left [11] you abandon the main road beginning to climb on the right hand side (9.1 km 776). After 150 m you keep left and cycle downhill to the church Santa Giustina [12 – 9.7 km, 741 m]. Immediately on the right hand side behind the church there is a demanding and steep single track through the forest down to the valley. There are some tight bends where you might prefer to walk! After joining up with the valley road at a factory [13 – 10.2 km, 655m] you turn to the left and cycle out of the valley. At the main road [14] near the bridge which crosses the river) you turn to the left and you climb on the road for 300 m. Now you follow the tarmaced farm road to the right. After 100 m you turn to the left. After 900 m at the crossing with the wayside shrine [15] you turn to the left and immediately to the right. You cycle 140 m under apple trees, turn to the left and 300 m farther to the right. You reach again the tarmaced farm track [16 – 12.8 km, 625 m] which takes you to Madice [17 – 13.2 km, 633 m] turning left. Then first right, then left dir S. Croce and Gallio. You pass by the crossing [18] between S. Croce und Gallio then you turn first right and then left. The gravelled trail becomes a bit rough and takes you soon to Bono. At the village road left (dir Comighello) for 200 m only [19], then left again ascending towards Sesto leaving behind the S. Felice church. You turn right at the farm [20]. Near Sesto you pass the main road [21] and you cycle straight ahead to Bié [22]. Now you turn to the right to S. Nicolo church [23] and at the crossing you turn left descending easily. The road ends near the large green houses of a garden centre [24]. You turn to the right and then immediately to the left (17.5 km, 507 m). The gravelled foot path heads to the forest and leads you to a wider forest road after 250 m [25]. You follow this road to the left down to the valley. After having enjoyed a steep descent on a gravelled track you hit the county road near the industrial zone and the restaurant “Bel Sit” which takes you back to the starting point turning to the right.

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